How it Works

Smiles Restored With All-On-4/6

A full upper and/or lower arch reconstruction can be comfortably completed under IV sedation in one surgical visit. This procedure includes placement of four to six dental implants, and can normally be done without any bone grafting!

Step 1:

Come in to meet our team. We will sit down with you and explain all your options and all aspects of the procedure in detail, to ensure you’re completely comfortable with having this treatment done. We want our patients to be well informed and excited about this life-changing decision.

Step 2:

We will work with your current dentist or set you up with one of the very qualified and experienced dentists in our network. They will begin the process of constructing your new teeth, which will be attached immediately after your surgery. This process takes about 3 weeks.

Step 3:

Surgery Day! Your procedure will be done in the morning and will take about 1.5 hours for each jaw. You will be asleep and comfortable the entire time.

Step 4:

We attach your new teeth! Dr. Lucente, together with our expert lab technicians, will do this immediately after you wake from your surgery. It will take another 1.5 hours for each jaw. Once this is done, you will be ready to leave our office with your new teeth!

Step 5:

Follow-Up: You will see your dentist within a few days after surgery and they will check your new teeth, possibly making small adjustments if necessary. Though you must eat only very soft foods for three to four months following your surgery, we want your new temporary teeth to look and function perfectly!

Step 6:

Final Teeth: After you have healed for about 3 months, the teeth you have been wearing up to this point will be remade with a titanium bar in the middle, making them virtually indestructible. This will be done by your dentist and will take about 2-3 months.