• Permanent Solutions
    a Lifetime Guarantee
    a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Permanent Solutions
    a Lifetime Guarantee

    Enjoy your new smile in only one day.


Are You Suffering With Failing Teeth?

1. Have you been told you will lose all or most of your teeth but can’t imagine wearing dentures?

2. Have you been told that you aren’t an implant candidate?

3. Are you tired of dentures that just don’t fit?


Your SMILE RESTORED With Permanent Teeth Attached To Dental Implants!


1. Have confidence

2. Eat whatever you want

3. No more embarrasing moments

4. Have permanent teeth that look and feel like natural teeth!


All-On-4/6 method + State-of-the-Art Technology = The Best Service

Due to recent advances in dental implant research and technology, new treatments are available for all patients. We are now able to replace a patient’s failing or missing teeth in just one day! This procedure provides a life changing transformation for many patients. We can even provide solutions for those patients who had previously been told they were not implant candidates.

SmileRestored is here to help.

We’ve been trusted by thousands of patients since 2005

And, we’re the only surgery specialist in DFW who offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

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At SmileRestored, we specialize in oral surgery.

Don’t trust your care to anyone but the best.

Dr. Lucente is a problem solver. No case is too difficult.

We are the only surgery office in DFW with implants guaranteed for LIFE!

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A new smile and peace-of-mind.

$19,500 per jaw includes everything:

Removal of all remaining teeth

Smoothing of bone in preparation for Implants

Placement of 4-6 dental implants

Temporary prosthesis screwed to implants on the day of surgery

Final titanium bar prosthesis placed 4-6 months after surgery

Lifetime guarantee on Dental Implants

Affordable Financing

No Credit Check Required

Pay only 30% Down